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During the LCSC2024 finals to be held during spring 2024,the participants will have the opportunity to experience the national CyberRange of the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence and will be challenged to solve security-related tasks in various domains such as attack/defense, web security, forensics, reverse engineering, and more.

Out of the participants, the top ten have been selected to form the national team representing Luxembourg in the upcoming European Cybersecurity Challengein Torino, Italy from October 08 to 12, 2024..

By participating in the European Cybersecurity Challenge, TeamLU has the opportunity to network, collaborate, and compete against other European teams and guest countries. The team's performance has been consistently improving over the years, as this will be their third participation.

TeamLU Needs Your Support

Comprised of ten young people aged between 18 and 24, along with two coaches, TeamLU requires your support. Being selected to participate in the European Cybersecurity Challenge, which gathers the best talents in Europe, not only offers an enjoyable experience but also serves as a significant motivator for these individuals to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

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You can support the team through a financial and/or in-kind sponsorship. Just contact info[at] to see what you can do for TeamLU.

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